Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles

The Changing World Of Soccer Players Hairstyles

Soccer is one of the most popular sports played on a worldwide scale. Players often become iconic figures in their home countries. With so many different looks and personalities, it is interesting to try and follow the ever changing world of soccer players hairstyles.

RobertoBaggioMulletHairstyle Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles
Roberto Baggio mullet hairstyle

RobertoBaggioMulletHaircut Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles
Roberto Baggio mullet hair

In the mid 1980s, and ever since, many players adopted a mullet hairstyle. This was cut short in front and at the sides but left long in the back. It is still a popular hairstyle among soccer players today, though with more variations.

fernandotorresfauxhawkhair Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles
Fernando Torres faux hawk hairstyle

Another style that is still gaining in popularity is the faux hawk. Based on the idea of a Mohawk, this style keeps the stripe up the middle of the head that stands up, but also keeps short hair present on the sides and back of the head. These areas would be shaved to create a true Mohawk.

XavierHernandezspikyhairstyle Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles
Xavier Hernandez spiky hairstyle

A wide range of spiked hairstyles have been worn by many of the more popular players from around the world. Most simply look as if the player ran his fingers through his hair and called it combed. Of course, achieving this look and maintaining it takes a bit more effort than that.

ZinedineZidaneShavedHead Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles
Zinedine Zidane shaved head

In addition to these somewhat standard hairstyles for players, many have experimented with shaved heads, cornrows, fade haircuts, single braids, and some haircuts that were way out there. What it really comes down to is personal taste, what style will work with a player’s facial features, and how best to keep the hair out of his eyes when he is playing.

StevenGerrardFadeHair Famous Soccer Players Hairstyles
Steven Gerrard fade haircut

That is the one common thread that ties all of these soccer players hairstyles together. They are all short enough in the front to ensure clear vision when the player is out on the field while enhancing his looks for when he is off the field.

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