Popular Buzz Cuts Styles

The face looks more defined with buzz cut. This buzz haircut is popular among men and women who want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle.The main benefit of buzzed haircut is that you can go with very less maintenance: like you can simpley wash & go, fast, less shampoo, less pomade, easy clipping, etc. So,this haircut less [...]

Faux-Hawk Haircut Photos and How To Do

The faux-hawk haircut, as the name is, this is the hairstyle flatter version of a Mohawk haircut. The notable feature of this haircut is that the hair on the sides of the head is not completely shaved, which is what you do with a real Mohawk Haircut. What’s good about the faux-hawk haircut is that [...]

Cool Men short hairstyles 2010

Buzz Cut is a super-short boys’ hairstyle that is easily achieved and also stylish. All of the hair is generally cut short with clippers. The length of the hair can vary from between ¾ inch to 1/8 inch in length. Since it is relatively easy to cut thee Buzz Cut hairstyle, most people tend to [...]

Ben Barnes Medium Shaggy Haircuts

Ben Barnes, an English actor, has chosen a sexy shaggy haircut for his naturally wavy hair. His hair was cut to sit just on his shoulders and the ends were layered to add texture & enhance his waves. Ben Barnes Medium Shaggy Hairstyles with Layers Ben Barnes Medium Shaggy Hairstyles with Layers Ben Barnes Hairstyles [...]

Vin Diesel Shaved Haircut

Very short haircuts for men are great haircut ideas for thinning hair men. If you’re going to go with short haircuts, commit to short. Keep your hair fairly similar in length with just enough difference to look stylish or attain the style you want. Find out which short haircuts are the best for you before [...]